“Working with Cheryl and her team at Providence Book Promotions was a dream come true! They were prompt and professional, taking care of details that I no longer needed to worry about. The virtual book tour was the best investment I made when marketing BREAD BAGS & BULLIES: SURVIVING THE 80s. I look forward to collaborating with them again on my next book release. Highly recommended!”

~Steven Manchester, #1 bestselling author, BREAD BAGS & BULLIES: SURVIVING THE 80s

“Huge thank you to Cheryl, Gina, and Wendy. Not only was the tour well organized and professionally run, but my book enjoyed a level of interest and support that went way beyond expectations.
I was kept informed throughout and would have no hesitation in recommending Providence Book Promotions to all.”

~Peter Murphy, The Last Weekend of the Summer

“Cheryl and the crew at Providence Book Promotions are the very best in the business. They are punctual, professional and make the entire process a complete joy. I can’t imagine releasing another book without soliciting their help. Thanks to their contacts and efforts, the exposure I gained for ASHES was amazing.”

~Steven Manchester, #1 bestselling author, The Changing Season and Ashes

I would like to thank Cheryl and Gina for their outstanding work, which provided great visibility to my book: This resulted in more sales, more reviews on amazon, facebook and other platforms. In addition to that, it’s a real pleasure to work with Gina and Chery. Same as Lisa I can ensure you that ” They are prompt with their responses, patient with a constantly befuddle author, kind, supportive and über-organized.” I fully recommend you to work with them!”  

~ Citizen One, author of Unexpected: Short Stories from Around the World
“Dear Cheryl, Firstly, thank you so much for arranging this tour for me. I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations. I have toured in the UK before but this was my first USA tour and I couldn’t have been in better hands.
The tour was organised with complete professionalism, from the outset and the tour banner to the hosts themselves and the regular weekly updates of where the tour would be headed.
You and Gina were perfect hosts and kept me informed of all posts and changes ahead of schedule.
You visited all the hosts and broadcast the posts on FB and twitter as well as commenting on each post.
I felt at all times that you both had your finger on the pulse of the tour and you made me feel very special.
Your hosts were excellent. They also posted to FB and Twitter and presented well thought out posts.
In short, I was extremely impressed, shall be very sorry that the tour is over and can’t wait to do my next one with you.
I was thrilled by the positive response that How Not to Murder Your Grumpy got on tour. I was concerned before I did the tour because it is a very British book with references to British ways of life. I was not only delighted by the rave reviews but by sales of the book which increased during the period of the tour. I put that down to the tour.”

~ Carol E. Wyer, author of How Not To Murder Your Grumpy
“From January through March, 2013, I had the great fortune of working with Cheryl and Gina at Providence Book Promotions (PBP) on my novel, Goodnight Brian. Throughout our time together, I found that they were prompt, meticulous, professional and personally vested in my work. The entire experience was an absolute pleasure. I quickly learned that their Tour Hosts (book bloggers) were the cream of the crop and that the exposure I gained from PBP’s efforts would weigh very heavily in my book’s success. Not only do I recommend PBP to any author who has just released a new title, I’ll go as far as to say that it’s the best investment you’ll ever make–both in time and money. I look forward to working with Cheryl and Gina again on future projects, and thank them both for their truly amazing work!”   
~ Steven Manchester, #1 best-selling author, GOODNIGHT, BRIAN and TWELVE MONTHS